Leveraging technology for the advantage of society in Haiti.

Code for Haiti partners with local government, individuals, organizations, and businesses to build and develop innovative apps, websites, and other technical solutions to address the local problems and needs of people and communities in Haiti.


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“Ayitic Goes Global: Empowering Women Through Digital Markets”

Apr 25, 2017

Several members of the Code for Haiti team attended the kick-off event “Ayitic Goes Global: Empowering Women Through Digital Markets” last night and enjoyed networking with local development agencies, private sector representatives, government officials and other local stakeholders regarding exciting new projects starting in Haiti. These projects aim to promote the growth of a data-related job market, boost Internet infrastructure and connectivity, and encourage a data-oriented culture in Haiti. We are very excited for all the new collaborations and projects on the horizon as we work together to leverage technology and data for the empowerment and advancement of society in Haiti! “Men anpil, chay pa lou” (many hands make light work).

DCI Symposium at MIT

Jan 22, 2017

Two of Code for Haiti’s co-founders attended The Diaspora Challenge Initiative (DCI) Symposium at MIT yesterday, meeting and hearing from lots of brilliant innovators who are leading the way in the pursuit and implementation of successful economic development in Haiti. The event was organized by the National Alliance for the Advancement of Haitian Professionals (NAAHP) and featured many notable, inspiring speakers, including the Haitian Ambassador to the US, MA Senator Linda Dorcena Forry, former Massachusetts State Representative Marie St. Fleur, and many more.

Technical translators needed!

Nov 15, 2016

Code for Haiti was contacted by a colleague at Appen Machine Translation Group for Microsoft Research who had an immediate need for English ‚Üí Haitian Kreyol translators. With the current devastation in Haiti, the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, many translators were needed to translate technical documents in order to help emergency relief workers communicate with the affected population.

Class is in session!

Sept 4, 2016

Its been a while since we’ve posted an update but things are continuing to move forward! The most exciting update has been the opening of a school in Port au Prince through our partnership with INFOSTI. We are offering a variety of computer classes (IT, networking, graphic design, etc), Microsoft Office, administrative and business management classes, as well as language courses – including English. These classes are offered in alignment with our goal to improve computer literacy and the leveraging of technology for the benefit of society in Haiti. Pictured here are the three members of our team who have spearheaded the opening of the school, our partner Mr. Delece, and a few of our students.

New plans, new paint!

March 31, 2016

Last week, Code For Haiti expanded its partnership with INFOSTI, the local computer lab which has been hosting our seminars, and today work began on renovating / updating the building! We plan to expand the existing computer lab into an online / computer school here in Port au Prince in the coming months! We are very excited to offer IT, computer networking, business software, Microsoft Office and other computer classes we offer in alignment with our mission to improve computer literacy and to leverage technology for the benefit of the local community. #SupahStoked

Another Weekend, Another Successful Seminar

November 8, 2015

The #CodeForHaiti team had a great time today teaching an intro to web development class at INFOSTI here in Port au Prince – the students had fun and learned a lot, the team had a lot of fun, and we are all looking forward to round #2 next week, can’t beat that!

Short On Seating, But Not On Productivity

November 5, 2015

Even a shortage of seating couldn’t keep our #CodeForHaiti team meeting today from being productive – we are prepping for the web development seminar at INFOSTI this weekend as well as working on some internal housekeeping items.

The Show Must Go On

June 28, 2015

Despite having to work with and around several logistical hurdles and hassles, the Code for Haiti team enjoyed a weekend of web development classes here in Port au Prince! The novice web developers in our “Intro to HTML” segment caught on quickly thanks to the excellent material and learning environment we utilized from www.codecademy.com.

Code Is Universal

June 21, 2015

We are very excited to partner with the organization GRAASEC for a web development seminar in Port au Prince next weekend and had a great time meeting some of the computer science students this morning! We may speak different languages in day to day life but there are definitely a few [coding] languages we have in common ūüôā #CodeIsUniversal

Founded in 2015, Code for Haiti is a ‚Äč‚Äčnetwork of web developers, programmers, and technologists‚Äč passionate about applying their knowledge, skills, and resources towards the improvement of communities in Haiti.

Code for Haiti aims to find, create and utilize opportunities to leverage technology for the‚Äč‚Äč advantage of society in Haiti‚Äč. This is accomplished by‚Äč organizing and‚Äč hosting conferences,‚Äč‚Äč seminars, and hackathon events; partnering and collaborating with local individuals, businesses, and organizations to build and develop innovative technical solutions to local problems; offering computer, software and web development classes at INFOSTI in Port au Prince; and other ventures aimed to leverage technology for the ‚Äčbenefit of the people and communities of Haiti.

If you are a local organization, business, or individual interested in collaborating with Code for Haiti on a project or if you are a web developer or programmer interested in joining Code for Haiti, please contact us!


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